Our Founder


 Don Durden, MD, PhDFounder: Donald L Durden, MD, PhD

Donald Durden, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally renowned pediatric oncologist and researcher specializing in the treatment of children with brain tumors and the development of leading-edge therapeutics.
Dr. Durden founded SignalRx for the purpose of furthering his efforts in groundbreaking therapeutics and as a vehicle to further develop his discoveries so that they can be delivered to those in need of them. “We’re enabled by science, and driven by compassion,” Dr. Durden said. “When we see a 3-year-old completely paralyzed with a brain tumor, we have the burning desire to find a cure for that child.” His discoveries include the identification of specific key biological targets important to these diseases, the inhibition of these targets and creation of an innovative scaffold designed to deliver unique chemotypes that are able to inhibit selected multiple targets through the administration of a single compound. Dr. Durden and the team at SignalRx lead the field in the creation and development of novel promising compounds with dual and triple inhibition capabilities.